Twist by Kylie Scott

Back to the bar…this one starts with a mix up that beats all mix-ups. Joe has been answering as his brother and never thought the woman he was growing so close to would just show up…but she did and from that moment on a friendship that started online blooms into more.

Alex is likable, strong even though she has many fears, and is loyal as they come. She is angry at first but after Joe shows that what he portrayed on line was who is he is in person she is sunk. She stays and makes the best of what slowly becomes an awkward situation. Alex held strong as a character that I remained connected to through out the story.

Joe on the other hand started strong and took a bit of a nose dive later in the story. I was rooting for the big guy that is always helping everyone else and hanging out in the background. Never looking for his more until he connects with a stranger online. One thing leads to another but real life comes slamming down on them both and makes for angst. MY FAVORITE. lol

I love Kylie Scott’s stories, they always leave me wanting more yet completely sated at the same time. Can’t wait for the next installment.


Written by: unrulygirl

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