Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow

Let’s start with what catches your eye first…this COVER! It screams read me. So beautiful. Okay enough with the cover love, let’s get into the word love. Let me start by saying this, I love when a jackass hubs gets left and the woman shines brighter. It is seriously my reading version of crack. If I was a crack addict, which I am currently not, nor have ever been…You get my drift, moving on. When a woman is put on the back burner and an ego driven male leaves her for “younger” seen as most the times “better” but in the best of revenge they get even by just being. By simply living a better life and coming out on top with the children’s love and trust and the love of a REAL man that would never take the beautiful soul they have been given a chance with up. MY CRACK PEOPLE. And Ms. Harlow wrote it not only heart crushingly beautifully but the quickies she threw in there were HOT OFF THE CHARTS people. Like panty check on aisle 12 stuff. I adored this couple, their journey and all of the side characters. Can’t wait for more. 

Written by: unrulygirl

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