Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

A sure fire way to have me read a book is title it Unfixable…I love me some broken people…challenge accepted and the other definite read part of this book is it’s author…Tessa Bailey writes a book, I read it! No questions asked, no hesitation, she is one of the few authors I deem auto-buy certified!

You meet Willa as she embarks on a journey to not only find herself but to prove that life won’t always be all that she has known.  She had a wonderful boyfriend, he treated her perfect, and there in lies the problem.  She was anything but…Never good enough for herself, she couldn’t fathom being what he saw or wanted to see staring back at him.

Ready to distance herself from the pain she has caused, a past she can’t shake, an opportunity of a life-time is won…and little does she know her life will never be the same..Shane is taken by Willa the instant he lays eyes on her, fighting it or succumbing to it is the question of the moment, but once the scene is set…there are no options!
Embarrassing moment #1,890,365 in my 40 year span occurred whilst reading this book…I connected with everyone right away and had this little inkling of deja-vu/recognition in the back story of Willa but not until about 40% did my dumb ass realize that this is Ginger’s sister!  Yes, that Ginger and Derek from Protecting What’s His, they were mentioned lots of times, even specific situations that I was privy to having read book one…but did I connect the dots? NOOOOO…they say admitting these facts make you less embarrassed, not so sure that’s true.

Tessa does not disappoint in this story of two fragile, broken souls finding their home through each other.  I recommend it and if you haven’t read her Line of Duty series you are seriously missing out!
Written by: unrulygirl

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