When You’re Mine (Mine #3) by K. Langston

This series gets better and better.  I didn’t think Barrett could surpass my love for Archer, but he may have bumped him out of first place.  This installment finds Barrett and Tabitha meeting up in what at first seems like an accidental way one night.  Having only met once, when he was currently fucking Tabitha’s best friend, so does that make him off limits? Struggling with that fact and others, obstacles just keep getting placed in the way of true love.
Barrett couldn’t get the fiery red head out of his thoughts from just one quick meeting almost a year before.  Placing himself in places he may run into her was just the beginning.  Knowing that he has never experienced the feelings he has for anyone else, even before he had kissed her.  This was it…but how can he prove that to her?
This book had me swooning, cheering, yelling at them to get their heads out of their asses and more than once I experienced that little tug in the heart that ensures I am reading a great story.  My favorite of the series so far ( I say that after reading each one) so you know I am anxiously awaiting book four now!  
 Barrett and Tabitha slayed their demons, insecurities and those around them that were not on the team!  They claimed each other and finally trusted that what they needed they actually deserved! Loved it!!
Written by: unrulygirl

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