Where The Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

I have read thousands of books…some pass the time….some you wish you hadn’t wasted your time…and some stay…in your heart…in your soul and they never leave. This is that kind of book. The kind of book that makes you thank your lucky stars you got to read and exist in it’s pages for the time being…the kind that makes you want to write all over the world how lucky you are in red ink…that kind.

From the beginning of this book I was enamored, from the distressed meet, the ongoing night, the mysterious girl begging to be known…Not Abby was existing…in plain sight without ever being seen. Until she was and then that’s all The Hunter could see, once in his line of sight everything else faded while she became all to clear.

Blake and Chloe’s friendship was quick, right and strong. The surrounding players were amazing, and solid without taking away from the story only adding heart to it. From the kids to the skateballing best friend, to the most amazing parents kids could ask for. In finding each other, they found a family amongst the walls they had both built around themselves. I can’t say enough about this book. It has heart, a hot basketball stud, is there really anything else you need?

I laughed, cried, even got the quickened heartbeats and butterflies that go with a tale told not only right but perfectly! Where The Road Takes Me will remain not only in my heart but proudly on my favorites shelf…this author can’t go wrong with this girl..

Written by: unrulygirl

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