Wild Card by Karina Halle

I do love me a second chance romance, and this one completely filled the bill. You get the present while glimpsing into the past, to see where these two started from and how it all went to hell. In doing so, I fell hard for Rachel first. She had so many demons to chase away, it was a wonder she could even manage, let alone thrive. When the love of her life leaves her brutally she is forced to leave the only home she has known and her one and only love. He humiliated her, solidifying what she had always thought of herself, that she was truly unlovable.

“Every single memory of him is slamming into the front of my brain, no longer buried in the back. They morph and change, from us together as children, to dating as teens, to every wild and real and beautiful thing in between, and suddenly the memories fade and it’s just the here and now.”

Shane. He did what he thought he had to, to protect, to save the only girl that holds his heart. The wish of all wishes he has ever wanted. From the first time he laid eyes on his Raven she was his. But one night. One mistake. Took it all from him.

“This is wild, so wild. I’m shaking as he works me, our kiss is messy and hard and full of anger and loss and hate and love and so much history and so much time. So, so much time.”

These two were the result of bad timing and a heart so black it could soil anyone that came within feet of it. A negative so forceful that not even soulmates could see there way through it. Or can they. This one had everything you can want from a second chance romance. A love that never left, grew in the absence of years and when the truth is finally realized might get the chance to grow wings and fly. I can not wait for Maverick and Fox’s stories.

Written by: unrulygirl

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