Worth Forgiving By Vi Keeland

This is one of my favorite series, every book I am a little more invested than in the last one…this one was super hot and I fell hard for both characters quickly.  You meet Jax in the last book, having his whole life crumble around him.  Finding out the father he had always looked up to wasn’t worth any of the attention he had surrounding him at all times.  A life of lies, deceit and skeletons in closets…he vowed he would be more, he wouldn’t waste his life…having always wanted to fight, he began on a new path. Fighter…business man…the future is new!

Lily was raised around men, not just any men, but the type that protect…grunt and fight for what they love and know is right.  After her beloved father passed she found herself floundering, in that fog she made decisions and put her trust in people that never deserved it!

This story is one of love, fighting for what you want and redemption…I hope this series continues for a long time.  Ms. Keeland has a way of writing not only a beautiful love story but sex scenes so hot they could literally peel paint…and engage in Bikram yoga in!! Steamy baby…just the way this mama likey!  If you haven’t read this series, you need to get on that shit…NOW!

Written by: unrulygirl

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