Worth The Chance by Vi Keeland

Hot, sexy, brooding and hot blooded MMA fighter?  I say “yes please”! Loved Nico from book one but Vince, he stole my heart.  All grown up and going through women like disposable napkins, until one day in class the face that has haunted him since high school is staring back at him.

Liv is writing a story to land her the job she has always dreamed of.  Never in a million years did she think the fighter they were sending her to write about was the same Vinny that she fell hard for as a nerd from back in the day.  She tutored a boy that was the epitome of a bad boy, but she got to see deeper.  She saw the man he could become.

The sweet bookish, girl next door was Liv..Vinny knew he wasn’t the kind of boy that could deserve her.  One night he almost pushed too far, and after that their paths went different directions.  Always wondering what could have been?

When the story leads down a path she is not willing to take him, futures are altered and choices made to save the boy who never had it easy.  But Liv had already taken over

Vince’s heart and he wasn’t able to see an ending that did not include her.

“You rewrote the ending of my story with the truth.”

Possessive, hot,  muscled and would kick anyone’s ass that got too close to what was his..mmm Vinny..you grew up so nicely! Loved it!


Written by: unrulygirl

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