Worth The Risk by K. Bromberg

Single hot dad, burned before, chip on his shoulder, smoldering hot…last name Malone. CHECK please. This installment had me swooning, sweltering, cheering, tossing my kindle, and possibly yelling at the characters to just SPEAK up and let each other know what is REAL and RIGHT in front of them. Frustrating, but not to the point of wanting to stop reading. The perfect frustration that keeps you totally connected to the story. Wanting two stubborn fools to fumble their way into a future they have both earned through experience. A family in the making as only K. Bromberg can deliver. And being able to peek into the lives of past hot ass Malones…always a bonus. Are there more brothers we don’t know about, cousins, their kids can get stories. I need more…

Written by: unrulygirl

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