39 & Holding by M.R. Joseph

This story gives me hope…the kind of hope that burns bright on the dark “who the fuck did I marry?” kind of nights, where you dream of living in blessed solitude with nothing but a kindle to keep you warm. Having visions that my husband finds himself in a tall, long legged, gorgeous young hotties vagina and dives in head first, I still might have a chance to meet a hot ass doc that treats me like gold! Yeah that kind!

I LOVED this story, I fell head over heels for Nick from the first goofy ass cameo he made, and continued to swoon over every other moment they shared. From the minute countdown texts, pebbles at the window, and the demanding hot talking man he could be when needed. This story was more than a love story, it was a reminder that even when the world as you know it drops out from under you, there is more waiting for you if you open your heart to it. Finding the ability to move past the hurt and faults that paved the way to demise and start enjoying the road that you are now traveling on with out all the baggage. Truly living in the moment and basking in real love…

Greer was funny, real and I completely connected with her character. Feeling her loss as her fault, by not being a good enough wife and mother may have lead to the decisions made by her douche-bag ex? Feeling at fault is a natural response to a family crumbling, I think even more so for a mother. The way in which her ex went about his life and the complete disregard for his wife, friend and mother of his children was hard to swallow. Worst fear recognized.

I laughed, swooned, clenched my thighs and felt the nerves from starting over as my own…Ms. Joseph really touched on the feeling that turning 40 can evoke, insecurity, humor and overall life moments for everyone in this story!

Written by: unrulygirl

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