A Broken Soul by Jessica Prince

Top Read of 2017

Here is a truth from me. I LOVE JESSICA PRINCE. Yes, this may have been yelled from the top of my lungs. Don’t roll your eyes because this excitement is well placed, I have read and loved every book of hers. But this one, A Broken Soul owned me from the first word until the last. This was by far my favorite book of hers. Yes, I may utter these words at the end of her previous books, but this one had it all. Feels, heart, broken trusts, friendship, love of a family and heartache that makes even the most darkened of readers shed a tear or 50. She pulled out all the stops for this one and I for one am so grateful for the journey.

Quinn and Lilly’s path was paved with heartbreak that no one should have to face, a bond that was immediate but not necessarily wanted, and the glue that brought it all together was a Little Miss and the singing of a song that bridged the past to the future. GAH..I freaking loved this book. When I get a book that I feel deep in my soul, where my feelings take the hits as the characters experience them. I thank my lucky stars that this addiction, my love of the written word and what it can bring to life led me to authors like Ms. Prince.

I recommend not only this series but all of her others highly. The stories she writes are brought to life so vividly it’s like you are watching them play out right in front of you, getting lost in the lives of others so deeply you have to remind yourself it’s fiction. LOVE. AND this cover yo. So freaking pretty..ok now I’m done. Read this book.

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Written by: unrulygirl

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