A Reason To Breathe by CP Smith

Finishing this book has left me speechless.  I am not often left this way.  Wanting to write a review that can possibly do this book the justice I feel it deserves and coming up..blank..  Not wanting to compare this amazing DEBUT author to others, again wanting to honor the words that I read as hers and hers alone.  However I am also not a quitter so after much thought, brainstorming and some alcohol I am going to attempt to do this book justice..let’s do this!

I did not want this book to end, needing to savor every last growl and declaration of “mine” that was being made from both Jack and Jenn.  Jack is sheriff of Gunnison County, his job is his life and he hasn’t been able to find a woman that can love him with all that comes with the job.  Not that he hasn’t been looking and sampling.  Jenn is a reporter that unexpectedly lost her husband and her daughter was off to college. She re-examines her life and decides to follow her life-long dream of living in Colorado with the bears. 

The scene is set, a handsome sheriff, a beautiful reporter and chemistry from the first snarky conversation.  Not ever wanting to be a woman that is not in control and a man that knows nothing but control.  What does that equal?  One hell of an adventure! 

Not only do we get a possessive, dirty talking, you are mine alpha male.  We also get a strong, independent woman with a good head on her shoulders and humor too.  We get a love story and a great who-dunnit.  I was putting every male we met into the murder category..every single one!  With every new page came great dialogue, friendships, witty comebacks and a new angle to be considered.  

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone that loves a possessive, alpha male and female, love story or mystery/suspense reader.  It is in the top of my all-time favorites where it will forever remain..
Written by: unrulygirl

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