A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

1000 “Special As Special Can Be” Stars

I just read…no not read…experienced a book. A book that I could have highlighted from prologue to epilogue. There were so many beautiful quotes, smiles, kisses, moments that I only captured one. Why? Because this book can’t be explained, reviewed, even recommended it just has to be experienced. It is the most special, intimate glimpse into a love so strong that you can only hope that you or someone you hold special will be blessed to have.

Did I cry? Yes..like a baby. Did I smile? Yes, even though some of those smiles were through a haze of one of the thousands of tears shed. Would I change this? Absolutely not. Don’t let the kleenex posts, the #uglycry comments or the “my heart hurts” replies stop you from buying and devouring this story of first love through the eyes of Rune and Poppy. It is worth every feeling you will have pass through you. The love, friendship, and soulmate that was found in the yard of a new neighbor at 5 years old, now proudly sits in my heart and favorite shelf forever.

Having read and enjoyed all of Ms. Cole’s books I knew I had to read this, what I didn’t know was that when I got to the words “the end” I would be changed. Because of how these two fictional characters loved, and lived I am determined to walk through my life in a better way. Be aware of time, my words, actions, and to make sure every single person I love feels it to their soul every day. So thank you Ms. Cole for sharing this tale it will live with me…Forever Always. My heart almost burst…

Written by: unrulygirl

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