About me


Dawn Checklist

  • Mom of 4
  • Wife of 1
  • Dog Mom to 3
  • Gramma to Grayson
  • Romance Addict
  • Jay McLean Super fan
  • Believer in Kindness
  • Spreading joy like fn glitter
  • Cuss word lover
  • Cocktail enjoyer
  • Basketball obsessed.
  • 90’s Hip Hop Connoisseur
  • Dance fanatic
  • Newly found feminist.
  • Mug collector
  • Book box subscriber

These are just a few things that make me…well me. I love to laugh, speak fluent sarcasm, and sometimes find myself laughing through the hard times so I don’t dissolve into a puddle of tears. I am consumed with reading and romance is my genre of choice. Reading is a daily MUST DO for my mental health and wellness. I am a proud romance reader and have been in this Romancelandia since 2013. Co-founding Two Unruly Girls in June of 2014. This book community brings me so much joy and the friendships I have forged are treasured. I love books that make me FEEL, that I connect with, that make me smile, cry, or just escape if even for a moment. I am an easy to please reader with few deal breakers. If a book holds my attention and I connect with the characters I am in it to finish. I have my favorites and hope this website will provide many recommendations and personal connections as it grows. Thanks for hanging out with me.

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