Ache by S.M. Soto

Wow. I’m going to catch my breath and my review will follow. This book was brutally beautiful in the hardest and most intense ways. I absolutely loved it. I clicked this book when it first came out, in all honesty I saw the cover and thought, “this looks like my kinda book.” Fast forward 7 months later and I can’t find anything to read, so I casually go ebook shopping on my own kindle. I have a problem, yes. I saw this one and thought let’s try it…I DEVOURED THIS BOOK IN ONE SITTING. I could not stop reading. It was such a hard read at times, so harsh at times I wanted to scream….but it was also heart-achingly beautiful.

“Because I want to be your boyfriend. I want everyone to know that you’re mine, sweet girl.”

 The love and friendships forged so early on, although they found themselves dormant at times were discovered and made a difference in a life. A life that had been put on hold by the hands of a monster. This book is NOT for the faint of heart. If you look for trigger warnings of any kind, I don’t suggest you read this one. But if you love incredibly written, powerful, stories of triumph and life READ THIS BOOK. It is one of my favorites this year.

Written by: unrulygirl

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