Across The Horizon by Aly Martinez

How the fuck does Aly Martinez keep completely blowing my reader mind? Okay let’s start this compilation of words and rants with a confession…I thought this was a duet. So come 80% on I’m like what the hell is Ms. Martinez going to do…how is she going to make this go sideways, knowing I will die and love it all in the same breath…Is that wrong? I don’t read blurbs when my favorite authors are involved, I just sign up for their releases and pray I get an arc. But I SWEAR to WINE I thought this was a two parter…oops. BUT what it was…EPIC. So note, standalone. LOL

I loved every word of this love story. And when I slowly (wine) put the pieces together that this was Porter’s brother and Charlotte’s bestie…I was like JACKPOT bitches!! Every hard to hear word said to Rita was like another layer of armor she wore until Tanner Reese. Timing sucks. When you find “her” and the timing is about as bad as that time of the month and white pants…but with that you find strength, endurance, love and a beautifully strange friendship that defies even timing. Two people that need to learn to love themselves and who they can be with each other. Humor, a meet that had me smiling throughout the story, two souls that were matched and have to fight in order to become one. Aly Martinez has done it again, slaying the dragons of the past, while carefully wielding the beauty of love that is just waiting on the horizon… 

Written by: unrulygirl

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