Affliction by River Savage

I saw a question being asked one day while I was perusing through the FB news-feed…Who do you like better Sy or Nix? I for one can not answer this question…because each are incredible in their own right. You still get the bossy, protective and completely in love biker…but Sy is fighting demons from his past that give him an extra layer that completely puts him in a category by himself.  Not better or less…just his own.

This goes for Holly too…her light has been dimmed by a situation that was completely out of her control. When you lose something so immense it changes you and finding yourself again is part Sy and Holly’s love story that makes it the incredible romance it is.
I enjoyed this book immensely. I laughed out loud, eyes welled up, fists tightened and I would find myself coaching these two stubborn characters to just confide in one another, knowing that their pain would be less if they did.  An incredible story to add to Ms. Savage’s writing collection. Sy and Holly have left their mark on my heart, I highly recommend this book.
Written by: unrulygirl

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