Alpha & Omega by K. Webster

This review won’t be an easy one for me to write…because this book needs to be experienced. In my opinion you need to go in not knowing much. I trust the person that recommended it to me so much that I didn’t even read the blurb, I went in completely blind, unknowing of what beauty was to come and I think that made the experience so much more.

“One smile. One goddamned beautiful smile infected my heart and soul with such a force that I nearly exploded. All hopes of afterlife and the eagerness to leave this one vanished with that one handsome smile.


I will tell you this…real love is eternal. Whether it be for an Oreo, a life you once shared, or a person that completed you. Sometimes the souls connect in way that make any other way of life an impossible journey to embark on alone. Lark was existing before…lived and lost…and barely existed after. She needed a guardian angel to help her from drowning in the pain of “what if” and to show her life in the “now” can be lived, and the sun will shine in a way that matters again.

Alpha is a perfect protector and will have you cheering for him to break through the darkness that has consumed Lark for years. All the while you know the future is as unknown as life can be…you hope…beyond hope that somehow all the roads can connect and heaven will be found. Loved this journey and can’t wait for more from this author!

Written by: unrulygirl

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