Arc Review for Asking For Trouble By Tessa Bailey

I love it when a new author is brought into my life that I can read whatever they write and be happy!  That is what I have found in the lovely and talented Tessa Bailey..  I have yet to be even slightly disappointed in any of her books.  In fact I love each one just a bit more.  Ms. Bailey has a way of drawing you in and writes an alpha male that you want to both strangle and straddle at the same time!  So yeah, insta-love for me..

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 This story, the fourth in the Line of Duty series, has Brent taking the lead role..with his leading lady..these two lovebirds have been trading jabs for awhile and can’t seem to stop the sarcasm long enough to see what is right in front of them.  Brent doesn’t do love, he is married to his job and can’t see tying himself down like all his friends seem to be doing..  One night, an ultimatum that neither of their stubborn asses can avoid and a connection is found.  I believe the connection was always there but that could just be me!

“If you have any doubt about my ability to fuck the ever-loving sarcasm right out of you, I’ll be more than happy to clear it up.” Brent

“Brent Mason did not give her flutters.  He only gave her hives.” Hayden

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These two can’t seem to get on the same page..until they do, and then HOT SCENES AHEAD!  Hayden always seemed the rich, spoiled girl that looked down on people.  She was however living in the shadow of a judgmental, bitchy mom that would sell her soul to the devil to remain in the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to.  Hayden couldn’t shake the persona so at times she just ramped it up, with her comebacks and quips.  Hiding the real girl that just wanted to be loved.

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Trying to prove to herself that Brent meant nothing, backfired at every single attempt.  The more they were forced together the more she knew he was more than he seemed.

Brent was a dirty talking, alpha, possessive man that stole my heart in earlier stories, but owned this story completely.  He is a hard-working family man that is too proud to ask for help.  Brent would work with his last breath to make sure his family is taken care of, and they love him back the same way.  He doesn’t broadcast this about himself, so the closer Hayden gets the harder it is to back away.

“I’m going to cram your tight pussy full over and over again,” he growled. “I’m going to fuck you until your ears ring.  I’m going to bite you hard.  Mark you.  Ruin you.” 

Yes slap my ass and call me crazy but those are words that steal my heart and make a panty check guaranteed.  I loved this book and recommend this one and all the others in this series.  Tessa Bailey is an auto-read author for me and should be for you too..


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Written by: unrulygirl

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