Arc Review of Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron

Broken Fences (TroubleMaker, #1)Broken Fences by Kelly Gendron
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How many ways can I write that I just enjoyed the hell out of a book? I don’t know yet but I will when I am done with every review I have to catch up on!

The title Broken Fences made my mind think cowboy..he wasn’t a cowboy but he was all man..which made me all happy!

A story that started six years earlier, with a night of broken virtue and fences. Dusty had wanted Colden ever since she came to Odessa and waited for the right moment to make her move. The right moment was all too wrong and after their one night Colden was called out of town on an assignment he could not share with anyone. Colden has to win back the trust of a broken girl and with that her heart, that has always been his.

“The only difference was that this time, the bastard didn’t even bother to mend her broken fence.”

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Colden knew Dusty wanted him but knew she wasn’t ready for the type of commitment he would want from him. She was young and needed to live a life before settling down. One night, and a broken fence later he had taken everything Dusty had to give only to have to give it up for the near future.

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Six years later Colden’s hold on Dusty has brought him back to his hometown to protect her and his family. Everything Dusty thought she knew about Colden was not as it seems.

“I’m through giving, pretty girl. Now it’s takin’ time. But you don’t worry. You’re gonna like what I plan to take from you. I promise.”

“You hate me,” he smoothly teased with a smile, “but I’m gonna try to persuade you otherwise by pulling your panties to the side and slipping my cock deep inside you.”


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Let me tell you ladies Colden gets what he wants and I loved that. The sex was hot and the story kept me reading. I enjoyed their journey and LOVED the ending and how the thing Colden held close to him all these years was what he used to let Dusty know how much she means..

This was my first book from this author and I thought it was great. Kudos to you Kelly Gendron, you have a fan in me..

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