ARC Review of Drowning In Rapture by Megan D. Martin

Seeing this book in my Goodreads feed, I felt the pull..the one click addiction raising it’s ugly head. hasn’t been released? Time to stalk a new on! Megan Martin was kind enough to have pity on us and allow the ladies at Sizzling Pages an advanced copy, so for that we say “thank you” and for Cole we say “fucking thank you!”

This was a short, action packed, sex filled story about a stripper named “Jewel” aka Julia who had been given the short end of the stick on more than one occasion.  To make ends meet she ends up at a high-end strip club and needing more, she ends up in a “show” where she bares more than just her body. 
Her best friend and partner in crime, is moving across the US and Julia has no idea what will come of her and the “show.”  Thinking the plan has been laid, she can rest and start to figure how this is all going to work..wrong!  The club is bought by a mysterious owner, and a new addition “Ripper” has been added to the bill, the first time meeting takes place on the stage.  Um..hawwtttt..hence the hands in pants tag!
When all comes out into the open lives will change, lines will be drawn and the book will end..Just like in real life, this story left me wanting more..more Cole..more Julia and more sex! Write happy and fast Ms. Martin, your fans await!
Written by: unrulygirl

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