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Forever, Jack (Eversea, #2)Forever, Jack by Natasha Boyd
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5 Eversea*glass Loving Stars

The first book in this series Eversea was a total surprise punch to the junk book for me. (That’s a good thing) I wasn’t expecting much because I honestly started reading it because I loved the cover. One page in and I was hooked. I wanted to know Keri Ann, Jack, hell I even wanted to know more about Hector in the diner’s kitchen. Ms. Boyd has a simple yet intricate way of weaving a story that is so engaging and reads so clearly that you seriously get lost in it. So let me tell you how it went when I got to the end of Eversea. First, I checked if there was a Book 2 (never learn should have done that first), YES, we have a book 2 but no cover (not a great sign of it being close to done), then the stalking of Ms. Boyd began. Did I schedule into my phone bi-weekly check on release dates? Um, perhaps. Where you may say stalk..I like to go with encourage!

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“Let’s start with something I never told you before. I, Jack Eversea, am…utterly in…love…with you,”

Cheers and clinks glasses, right? Wrong..this is a proclamation made towards the very beginning and let us say that it didn’t go as smoothly as both parties may have wanted. You cut back into their lives with some time accumulating between them. Time that hasn’t been spent wisely and images that set the tone for..wait for it..angst!

“The thing about pain, whether physical or emotional, is there’s no running away. You can’t escape it and you can’t hide from it.”

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5 months have passed and Jack is ready to come a reclaim the woman that showed him what truth and love truly mean. He has done all that he had to do to escape the fabricated life he has come to despise. Loving his craft is becoming the hardship when it comes with such a false sense of himself. Everyone around Jack has always been there to simply get something for themselves. The actuality of Keri Ann simply wanting nothing but Jack for the simple fact that she loves him. She doesn’t want his money, his fame or anything that comes along with that. I think that was the trigger for him to fall so fast and so hard for this sweet, innocently real girl.

“How did I have the power to make someone like Jack Eversea so vulnerable?”

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Keri Ann used the time apart to start repairing not only her home but her future. Working on her projects and being part of some gallery shows, enrolling and getting into a design school. Things were going her way and she isn’t willing to get back on the Eversea Express with destination heartbreak so clearly written before her. If the future she wants is actually in the stars, that future will need to be worked hard for. Keri Ann in her wholesomeness, was also a fighter and I bonded with her immediately. The bonds she shared with her family and friends and the certainty she lived her life by, makes you want the best for her.

“This could be the best non-kiss in the history of non-kisses.”

“I pursed my lips, inhaling deeply through my nose. My chest began a deep steady thump, and I wanted to close my eyes and just revel in the feeling of his fingertips on me.”

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I included these quotes to really drive home the fact that when an author draws me in, I get so immersed that in just reading these simple gestures I physically react. Butterflies, nervous knots in my stomach and a feeling of impending doom were just a couple of emotions I felt throughout this book. There may have been a couple of panty changes as well, Jack is hot! I love me a romance and all the fixings that go with that, but the simplicity of true love that can evoke even the hardest of hearts are hands down my favorite.

“He’s sweet and everything, but honestly, my most important erogenous zone is my mind.

I am hoping to learn more about the supporting players in this story. I would love to get the scoop on Joey and Jazz, Colt and Karina hell even what is happening with Paulie, Brenda and Hector. Crossing fingers for spin offs that of course give me an extra peek at Jack and Keri Ann..squeals!

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I feel in finding this story I found the elusive red sea glass that I will treasure always. That being said, Ms. Boyd did a fantastic job of keeping your mind committed to the story and gave a love story that will stay with me forever, Jack.

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