Arc Review of In The Firelight by Sibylla Matilde

A serene, snow filled setting..a damaged girl that thinks the love ship has sailed and a hot, brooding man whore that is sent to win over girl..recipe for hotness?  Yes, and Ms. Matilde delivers as always!  Let’s start with the fucking smoking hot cover..mmm

I already messaged the author to tell her to keep watching and practicing her porn skills because they are paying off where it counts..her books!  So as a loyal reader of her books, I say keep doing whatcha your doing! 

Rhys was sent to close a deal, to win over the local “lumberjack” woman that is hell bent on keeping the big box ski lodge out of her hometown..little did he know that under that Carhartt jacket was “the one” a hot little bodied, firecracker that was meant for him!  First meeting you knew these two would be an explosive  commodity.
Whether it was dressing rooms with only a curtain, storage closets in libraries or the floor of a cabin, these two had a chemistry that can not be denied.
Shea had thought she found not only love but a ticket out of small town Montana.. when that fell through she had fallen into a life of solitude where her only company was her dog Wolfie and an occasional elk.  Until Rhys, found in a snowy ditch and captured her heart from the start.

These two were both lost to their closed in lives and didn’t even realize that they were missing out on actually living. Being  vulnerable and exposed to each other, finally had them realize what they had in each other..
I loved this book and every book I read from this author gets better and better..keep em coming!
Written by: unrulygirl

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