Arc Review of Lost in France by Jani Kay

Lost in France: Firebird Trilogy (Book 1)Lost in France: Firebird Trilogy by Jani Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Too Many Boys Too Little Time Stars

Jani is becoming a favorite of my authors..she writes in a way that just grabs you from page one..full review to follow..

Ok I am going to start this review with a little story..Jani (author) messages me on FB to ask if she should change a part, because of what I said on GR? Well being, me, I don’t remember what the fuck I could have said on GR..quickly looking before I answer..I only see Too Many Boys Too Little Time.. She took that to mean I thought the main character was a slut..I meant the bitch was LUCKY. So NO Jani do not change a thing!!

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I loved this book, Jani has a way of writing that draws you right in and makes you feel for the characters so quickly. It is not an easy task and she does it seamlessly. The writing flows in a way that you are rooting for the heroine, before you even know why you should.

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Now let’s talk about the boys. I know I fall hard for the assholes and this book is no different. Let me rephrase that, the asshole isn’t always who he seems. I like the hard to get, prove me your worth my time boy and you get that. His name is Maxwell and well I fell in love.

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We start with Rebecca leaving the life that she has created because of a man. The reason isn’t splashed in your face but you know it was a major cause of strife in her life. She has loved Julian for as long as she can recall and doesn’t see her life moving forward without her moving away. Like continents away. On the plane ride over she meets a man, then in the conference room she meets another. One seems perfect, the other seems perfectly flawed. The perfect one is anything will have to figure out which one is yours.

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I can’t say I am not harassing (encouraging, stalking) Jani to keep her ass working. Diligently checking in with words of encouragement to get book two in my hot little hands. Oh wait did I say Hot? Yes the other thing Jani writes like a champ is HOT LOVING SCENES..oh yeah panty check meter went off a plenty whilst reading this one. Great book, great characters and great sex! Can’t ask for much more!!

Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review! Honestly get on with BOOK TWO..xo

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