Arc Review of Rock Bottom by R.K. Lilley

Gut-wrenching, knotted stomach, angst filled torment, and awe inspired LOVE are just a few of the emotions that this book reached in and pulled out of me..  I have never read a book that destroyed me and built me up to then tear me down yet was like being on a see-saw of emotions and I never wanted to get off..  Let me also say that I will be stalking Ms. Lilley for the foreseeable future for not only an arc of the next book but can we say new Beta reader..I am dying for this book!  Do you like kids?  I have four good looking, well mannered children in a plethora of sizes, genders and ages..

The first book Bad Things introduced us to Tristan and Danika and their own stories, not attached to Bianca and James..  I liked them immediately and wanted to know more about each of them and why their love seemed to veer so far off course..  Rock Bottom picks up where Bad Things left off and you find Tristan reeling with the loss of not only his brother and best friend but his mother as well..she isn’t one to handle loss..  Addiction and excess has begun to rule Tristan and not even the love of his soul mate seems enough to drag him from it’s grasp..

 That is where this book really got to every page turned I would think the worst..oh my God this is what is going to happen..and nope..OMG this is it..nope and then BLAM there it is and you are left stunned and shaken.  Worlds collide and heartbreak ensues..and the bitter truth that sometimes love isn’t enough..

 Ms. Lilley did an absolutely vivid portrayal of an addict and how even when it seems you are at your Rock Bottom the floor can give out just a bit more..   I think it is fair to say I am completely taken by this book, the characters and the fact that I have to WAIT is the only negative feeling I have..

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