Arc Review of Until Trevor by Aurora Rose Reynolds name is Dawn and I am addicted to the Mayson brothers.  I don’t care which one..I love them all!  I don’t want a remedy, I am happy reading about anything and everything Mayson and hope they have lots of children and cousins so that I can continue my addiction.  I haven’t been so impatient about a book and giddy for it’s release in a long time and I am so happy that it delivered!
 With that confession out of the way..let me tell you Aurora Rose Reynolds can write.  She can weave a perfect story with the alpha male being his loyal, possessive, and growling self.  In otherwords..perfection!  When I am reading her books, time stands still and it doesn’t seem like 3 hours have passed and I am sadly done with the story.
I fell in love with my first Mayson his name was Asher, I wouldn’t say he was replaced by Trevor but he wasn’t compared to him either.  Trevor was similar in some ways but his own man in all the aspects that count.  The Mayson men have known that they live their life alone and without strings attached, UNTIL “it” happens..the BOOM that seals the fate of the future for both parties involved.  
Now Liz was no shrinking violet, another thing I appreciate with Ms. Reynolds stories, she not only writes a killer alpha but a strong and independent woman.  Liz has run into hard times and has to sacrifice part of herself to make ends meet.  Trevor has tried to stay away from Liz thinking that she is too innocent and pure to put up with his whore ways.  But time after time Trevor is reminded that she is his “boom” and a future without her is not something he wants to live.

I loved this book.  From Trevor’s possessive “you are mine” attitude to his “I will have babies with you” mentality.  Knowing what you want and going after it with reckless is the way every person wants and deserves to be loved! 
Stalking has begun with little small excerpt from the next book..I am coming after ya Ms. Reynolds..warning warning!

Written by: unrulygirl

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