Arc Review of Wild By Adriane Leigh

We here at Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews were lucky enough to get an early copy of this book and let me tell you..I am SO grateful!  What an amazing read..  I was really needing an alpha male, strong female and some fucking hot ass sex..this book filled the bill brilliantly..  If I am being honest, this is the first book I have read of Ms. Leigh and I am now one clicking like a loon all of her previous releases..



We start by getting a glimpse into a one night stand that didn’t even come with name self with flashback moments..right there I was sold..hook, line and sinker..GONE!  Kat is running from her life, you know this but you aren’t exactly sure what she is running from until late in the game..but you aren’t too worried about the why because Lane Wild is filling in her time (and by time I mean pussy) perfectly!

Lane Wild was born and raised in Maine, small town boy that loves the ladies and the ladies love him..  He doesn’t do relationships and the girls don’t mind.  He simply flicks his finger and panties drop.  This comes from a painful past, again you don’t find out until later, but Ms. Leigh keeps you occupied and you don’t want to rush the angst.  Lane isn’t planning on the new mystery girl being “the one” but sometimes life throws you a curve ball..  Everyone in town knows Lane’s story but Kat is not digging and is willing to wait to know everything about him.

“I want you to walk around with my smell on you all day.  I want everyone to know that this,” I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy, “is mine.  Only mine.  I don’t like to share.” Lane Wild

They both fool themselves into thinking that they don’t mean as much to each other as they clearly do.  Hearts are being thawed even within the brutal winter weather that Maine is bringing..   Again in bringing honesty, I would saw off my left limb with a butter knife to be locked in a cabin with Lane Wild for 3 days..just saying!

Loved Lane, what a hot, dirty talking alpha male.  I loved Kat, she was sweet with a hard edge that didn’t take kindly to being second..ever!  The setting was portrayed beautifully and the hot sex turned into more right before the readers eyes..and did I mention the sex was fucking hot?  Read this book with panty changes a guaran*fucking*tee..

Thank you again to the author for the advanced copy of this book..

Written by: unrulygirl

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