Awaken by Nina Lane

5 Professor loving, Beauty found her way stars..most people wouldn’t find a story about an already married couple erotic..this series will prove you all wrong.  Hot sex, and lots of any good marriage should encompass.  Not without it’s angst, trials and tribulations but finding at the end happy ever after does exist!
Starting this trilogy I fell in love with Dean, his strength, libido and solid character was a complete draw for me.  Not wavering in his love and devotion for Liv.  Not until this book was his absolute head over heels infatuation for his wife more apparent and completely devoured by me.

Liv had some growing up to do..she had to pave her way with mistakes and learn how to grow and mature from them.  She did this and it took this last book to fully come into the woman she was meant to be.  Professor’s Beauty.  Having to overcome a sense of low self worth and having to fight and win her life battles.  Her ever-growing strength peaked in Awaken and the author took her and her readers on a beautiful journey of becoming Liv.  Not just Dean’s wife.

Dean had to learn to step back and allow Liv to fight for her independence and strength.  This stood against everything he was and his internal struggle was well worth the ending.  Battles were fought and fortitude was found.
I loved this series and felt this book was the icing on the cake, the exclamation mark on a great love story.  A beautifully told modern day fairy tale, exquisitely brought to life by Ms. Lane.  Even made me cry, not an easy task..AND I was in public! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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