Bad For You by J. Daniels

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said a million times…I LOVE damaged men.. The leading man that is quietly standing in the shadows wanting something but not feeling worthy enough to receive it. The silent protector that feels down to his soul that all the good is he is watching is not meant for him..the words tattooed into his soul from a past that has him brimming with not being enough.’s my crack y’all. This is the first book I’ve read in awhile that I would consider recommending to my toughest book critic. It is reminiscent of limited worded heroes I’ve read from some of the greatest alpha conductors in the business. J. Daniels nailed these characters..Stitch was amazing. But Shayla…

She was my female hero of the 2018! She loved with everything she has. She devoted herself to the happiness of others, even if it tore her own happiness into shreds. Her overwhelming joy of life, of love, of family and of overall life was inspiring.  She couldn’t be deterred. Couldn’t be stopped from making everyone in her path better. Inspired. Her lust for life and love of those around her had me wanting to be a better person. And it’s fiction y’all. I really loved this book. I felt it. I bought in, hook, line and sinker.

Written by: unrulygirl

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