Beautifully Insightful by K.C. Lynn

Beautifully Insightful was just that beautiful…being a fan of Ms. Lynn I was excited to be amongst the FIRST to read this newest endeavor. Having broken away from the comfort of her Men of Honor series embarking on an unfamiliar journey with brand new characters. She absolutely got it…a girl with an image to uphold at all costs…a boy with a rep and between them a love that couldn’t be denied or bribed away.  Social statuses aside a love no one-saw coming became bigger than both of them ever could imagine…

Years pass…feelings don’t…when a case arises the past comes full circle and what comes knocking at the door is a sight to behold!  These two have only known the love of each other…even with the distance that was placed between them nothing ever took away the pain and love that each felt for the other.

KC Lynn has a way of weaving a story between two characters that leaves you completely immersed in their story while all the time knowing a threat still looms and a mystery is unraveling. The complete domination of the male and sweet strength of her females keep you glued to their romance…wanting…waiting and swooning.  Challenges arise…memories are made and realized, while all along a love that had to take a pause intensifies and grows amongst the chaos around them. Loved it..

Written by: unrulygirl

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