Because of Kian by Sibylla Matilde


Being a fan of this author I was excited to read all about Kian. From the blurb alone I was hooked..The book starts with a blood infused bang, knowing that the lead female is coming out of a violent past you can’t help but dive in and hope for the best.
The relationship starts out from afar..he notices her..he protects her..and she has no idea.  Until the night that his inkling becomes reality and their lives are forever connected.  A need to not only protect her but help her be stronger and not feel victimized sets the stage for rolling around on the floor together…yeah baby!

Violence is a thin line in this story..a need to feel..a push too strong..a feeling of guilt, of being the catalyst that created the monster before her..not being able to distinguish what she desires and what has become of her life.  The soft touch of a kind man, being “tarnished” not feeling “good enough” are the thoughts of a broken woman.  Can she be put back together? Can a good man feed her need?
Because of Kian..the answer is YES

I enjoyed this story so much..the connection..the hot sex..the description of Kian and his girth..they all worked for me.  The first person point of view is my personal favorite and keeps me more invested in the characters so thanks Sib!! Loved it and recommend it to readers that enjoy watching broken people find their way through each other..

Written by: unrulygirl

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