Behind His Lens by R.S. Grey

..debut novels..I am in complete and utter shock that this is in fact a first book by this author.  The writing was solid, the sexual tension and angst was flawlessly developed in ways that some established authors can’t even get. 

Behind His Lens held me from the first page, never once did I check my place in the book other than thinking..”and the shoe will drop now!”  The way the characters attraction built from the first glance until the final page was my humble opinion.
Charley was a hot model, and Jude was a fashion photographer..both running from a past that held them prisoner.  Never letting life fully engulf them, but with each other they found their bliss..

The emotion leapt from the page, from knots in my belly to butterflies and panty changes, I never wavered with wanting more!  Scenes between the two were hot and written in a way that even when there was no sex, I left feeling completely satisfied, possibly with hands in pants..

The supporting cast helped tell the tale of the two broken souls and added to the mix without taking away from their story.  I would love to hear more about Bennett and Naomi as well..
This book would have completely slid by me if Tara my book pimp had not mentioned it me.  And that would have been a shame.  I implore anyone that loves a solid, sexually tension charged love story to read this book.  I look forward to more from R.S. Grey, I won’t let it slip by me!
Written by: unrulygirl

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