Beneath The Truth by Meghan March

Here is my truth. I have been waiting for Rhett’s story for a long time. Especially since he lost out to the girl back a couple of books ago..I liked him right away and knew he deserved his own HEA. He always seemed loyal, there, and just a bit broken. When his world is completely altered again he makes his way home back to the streets of New Orleans to figure out the how and why the life as he knew it all seemed to be a lie.

The girl next door. Always watching. Surveying. Wanting. Little did she know she was “seen” and not only that she had been admired too. But when that girl is your best friend’s sister…where does that leave you? A computer “nerd” or more genius and a hot tatted ex-cop. Check please.

Do many twists, turns, bad guys, good guys, who is who that you feel sometimes like you can’t trust anyone. Ms. March gave us a finale that she should be proud of. Wrapping up the lives of all of these couples we have come to feel as our peers, friends that we want the best for, and guys we want to steal. Dibs on Lucas FN Titan. But in all seriousness, this series was addicting, never failing to keep me entertained and wanting to experience New Orleans in person (one day) by making me feel part of the culture through her words and descriptions. All in all I am sad to leave but intrigued because Mount. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

Written by: unrulygirl

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