Beneath These Lies by Meghan March

This series is one of my favorites. I have loved all of the couples, each one growing in likability because you most likely have caught glimpses of them in past stories. This one is no different. It’s best to go into this one not knowing…going from chapter to chapter, switching who is telling the story, all the time wondering who, why, where and what is going to happen?

The thing I can tell you that absolutely happens is you fall in deep with people that you may have perceived one way and can actually be another…vague enough? I hope so, because part of the beauty of this love story is the anonymity of not knowing, and not placing the pre-conceived ideals of what you thought was their truth.

Another thing I can tell you is I love me a bad-ass, demanding, jealous, fierce man…I mean love love. Ms. March always delivers and has with BTL with another Must Read book!


Written by: unrulygirl

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