Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

I saw you first
I had you first
I want you back

I came late to the Kennedy Ryan party, but I am now a life-long fan. Her words are powerful, explosive and fly off the pages and melt into the heart. They evoke every emotion you could possibly imagine and more. This one was not only an emotional tale, but struggles that a lot of women feel  and how they are viewed by not only themselves in a certain way but others. That even the strongest of women have their kryptonite, it can be a myriad of things but body image always seems to rise to the top.

Jared is also a bit clueless of what he really is and exudes. He feels like a heartless bastard, mainly due to the kindness he constantly feels around him. When you are allergic to people and stupid it can put a damper on the kindness ( I know this well y’all!!) but when he loves you…he is as loyal and pure as they come. He found his one truth early on and that NEVER wavered. His heart found it’s match, and not even years or a false sense of hate could change that.

Banner was a true hero for me. Finding her worth beyond her career, beyond her family and finding that lines blur and even when a wrong decision is made a person can still be beautiful. Friendships, relationships and family will be tested but within the words of Ms. Ryan you are frozen with anticipation waiting for the angst bubble to burst and lives to change. I tried to explain to my husband the other day that there are books I read and enjoy and there are stories I experience and change the course…I LOVED THIS STORY…like all of her’s before. Beauty, heartache, butterflies and want all wrapped into a love story that reminds us life is dirty but so worth the journey!

Written by: unrulygirl

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