Blood To Dust by L.J. Shen

5 Stars

As always I have to start this review with a confession of sorts…it took me a minute to get into this book..why, you ask? The first 3-5% I wasn’t sure who was who…who was bad…good…female…male, or who was the POV at the time. I would see the name at the top of the page and think it was their POV but it wasn’t it was describing them. Took me a minute…is this something I am proud of? Hell no..but I am so glad I didn’t stop reading and kept going, because this journey through darkness is not to be missed.

Ms. Shen writes dark, gritty, violent tales like nobodies business. The broken battered leads shine through with a gentleness and light that is hard to capture in the underworld these people live in. Yet she does it with such ease that you forget the surroundings and allow them straight into your heart. Nate is amazing..he is tough, tortured, poetic, loyal, smoking hot and when he loves he does it hard! Having no one he has settled into a life he doesn’t want, believe in or get anything out of. Until he meets his more.

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Prescott is a survivor. She doesn’t let anyone or anything take away who she is. Even when she is forced to live through hell…she comes out stronger. What she wants more than anything in life is to make the people that tried to make her less…pay. She has a one track agenda that includes payback and finding her brother. Until she meets a different future.

This story is dark, twisted, filled with “wtf” moments, and righting the wrongs that were done to people that didn’t deserve to be in the path of destruction…Love, hate, and two broken people that share a bond that can’t be ignored. LOVED IT!

Written by: unrulygirl

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