Brawler by KS Adkins

You know you got yourself a great fucking book when it starts off with lyrics from MC Breed & DFC, Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin…can’t go wrong!

Book two is set around Rafe (Jonas) and Macy, these are the besties of V and Rogan, so you are able to keep tabs on these two as well.  I loved Brutal but this book wrapped around my heart just a little tighter!  Rafe was a gentle giant with foot to mouth disease, every time he opened his mouth he inserted his foot..  Not one that is use to communicating and filtering his thoughts he spent most of the story trying to beg for forgiveness and feign stupidity.  With his only real friend a man that usually grunts rather than speak, turning into a regular Dr. Fucking Phil type…You have to get with the program!

Macy and Rafe slowly and with TONS of road blocks find their way to each other, and every time I settle into “finally” Rafe opens his dumb ass mouth and my “finally” turns into a quick “REALLY?” Even with the word vomit that escapes his mouth I was so taken with him, his heart is bigger than his mistakes and you can’t go wrong with a man like that! Protective, demanding, loyal but lacking a sense of self worth made you want to wrap him up, swaddle him and protect him from himself.

Macy is tough, she is not as brute force tough as V, her strength is more of quiet one, just as strong, possibly even stronger.  Her need to protect the ones she loves runs deep and tends to get her into more trouble than she sets out for.  Finding her way out of the guilt haze she has lived in and slowly realizing her worth and future in the man of her dreams kept me hooked from first punch to the face…and the way she man-handled whores? Um that was fucking hot as well! Ladyboner… #girlcrushing

Both of these people were raised to believe the worst in themselves, together they realized their full potential and it was an amazing journey to be a part of. Finding a book that keeps you involved and invested is what this all about and Brawler does just that…This author has a way of keeping the banter flowing, has you laughing out loud, butterflies in the stomach waiting for firsts, anxious knots when I knew shit was going down, and she actually had my eyes well up with tears at one point.  Kudos to you friend, and as always keep that shit up! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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