Brisé by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Let’s start this review with a truth..I had to Google to get the ‘ over the e. After 20 mins I figured it out. Now for the review on Brisé <—–

I LOVED this story, had me at the first meet, a boy meets a girl, a boy decides he’s her superhero and their future is set. Except this is a Leigh Ann Lunsford book so right when you’re just traveling down the road of happiness and flowers..BAM enter angst.  Being the lover of angst I am, while cussing at kindle and author, the journey for these two to remember what started it all begins.

“The woman I was hopelessly in love with and couldn’t live without. You were not just a mark on me; you were my fucking heart, Phoebe.” ~Luke

“The day you told me you were my superhero, I loved you. I have never stopped. But you aren’t my superhero, you’re so much more. You are my lifeline, my reason for being here on earth.” ~Phoebe

Futures were planned, but the thing with plans, they never seem to work out the way you need them to. Life comes in and smacks you in the ass and reminds you anything can happen. One thing that is a constant through out the story is the love that was found when they were small children and their worlds revolved around each other.

Even apart the pull between two souls that are meant to be find a way to remain together. Again, this is Ms. Lunsford so you can’t get to comfy with happy…you never know what this woman will pull.  🙂 every book I read by this author grabs me, and digs a little deeper. Had me at Superhero and kept me with Twinkle Toes. Endurance, friendship and a love that rivals most, makes this an incredible journey that makes you appreciate life and all it brings.

Written by: unrulygirl

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