Brutally Beautiful & Cold-Blooded Beautiful by Christine Zolendz

You start the journey with blood, injuries and a pit stop at a strip bar.  My kind of book!  Through swollen eyes, blood stained skin and bruised body parts she decided she needed a drink. My type of girl. That was just the first chapter of the violence Samantha had endured.  You don’t fully realize what craziness she escaped until much later.. is the only thing that Kade knows.  It is what he sees when he closes his eyes, and when his eyes are wide open.  It surrounds him, blanketing him and trapping him in his own hell.. Witness to the murder of his peers and friends at the hands of his partner in crime, his best friend.  It changed who and what he is..not one that thought love could penetrate the dark walls until a waitress sassed him back.

She wasn’t afraid of him, she didn’t back away when he said all his asshole statements. His social ineptness did not make her retreat.  In fact she called him out on his fucked up behavior.  The bond they shared grew, it’s like all the turmoil and hell they had gone through melded them into one. 

Gone..believed the worst..and a hell that no person should ever endure or live through.  Can the asshole take is whiny head out of his ass long enough to figure out she needs a hero?  Read and find out.  If you enjoy a dark, demanding, don’t know what the fuck will come out of his mouth next man? And a strong willed and physically able female and are not afraid of some blood and seriously violent tendencies, you will enjoy this book..

Written by: unrulygirl

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