Catch And Release by Ella Fox

I fucking loved this story…I really enjoyed Catch My Fall and Mia and Tristan’s story, but this one? It slayed me, and had me falling so hard for the quietly broken boy turned man Trace. Some may hate on how he punished himself and might see it as a “deal-breaker” to what some need to be “safe” stories out there. Sometimes life isn’t “safe” it isn’t “comfortable” filled with daisies and unicorns; it’s dirty…raw…and has the power to break a young boy before he finds the strength to know how much he is loved and worth.

Darby never faltered in her love and complete devotion to Trace. She knew when she locked eyes with the clean-cut, polite boy in his khakis and polo shirt that her life would never be the same. He held her future and she would climb any and all walls that he put up to keep her out. Broken and battered she held on to her faith in him like it was her life-line. Even when he ran away, “malored” himself around, she stood firm in her belief that they were made for each other. Her strength was inspiring and never made me feel like she was weak or less for staying. 

The emotional ride this book took me on was amazing, I devoured it! Love catching up with this crew.

Written by: unrulygirl

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