Charming Fiona by Jessica Prince

I feel like I have patiently waited for Deacon FOREVER. And by patiently I mean…tearing my hair out and re-reading all the other couples to get any glimpse of him and his brooding unrequited love sick self. I just loved him. And Fiona is one of those characters that is brought in to make you pay attention. A jealous factor that you love to hate and hate to love. Then Ms. Prince flipped the script and made her one of the girls that you only LOVE. What?!?!? Yep. Done. She was in like Flynn and because of that, the side glances, heart ache of thinking Fiona missed her chance…all of it equaled an angsty will they, won’t they…push pull that had me clinging to all the words. Devouring the story in one helping and still wanting more. Every book I read from this author quickly becomes my new favorite from her. ADDICTED to her words. Ms. Prince writes like a savant to my reader mind. Making us soulmates in a totally non-creepy awesome way.

Can’t wait for what is coming next in all the fiction worlds that Ms. Prince designs. I’m seeing spin-offs in my future with flashes of my girl-talk peeps. I can’t wait. If you need me to early read or cheer you on…I am here for you! lol

Written by: unrulygirl

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