Chaser by Kylie Scott

                                                                            3-3.5 Stars

I love Kylie Scott and her book Lick is one of my favs ever. The Dive Bar series has been good to me and continues to be so with the manwhorey Eric. I enjoyed watching him sink into “real” life and love. While friendships have been strained to an almost breaking point, it took a preggo girl from out of town to kind of heal everyone..

In my stories I love banter. Conversations and banter are always something I need to help me connect…but this one may have over done it for me. There was so much convo about what…I am not sure. But I never realized I would think this could be too much for me. Live and learn.

Overall I did enjoy this story. I liked watching Eric and Jean find their way to each other. And I will definitely read the next installment. SO win.

**copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review from well…me**

Written by: unrulygirl

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