Clarity by Nicole Dykes





Here is a little something you should know about me as a reader…I FUCKING LOVE A BROKEN BAD BOY!! But Rhys, oh my lanta he is so much more than broken, he is trying to survive, existing in a shell of rubble that was brought upon him. Bent but so not broken. Growing up in the system was not just hard it was excruciating and when he is faced with his demons through the eyes of another, he has to act on it. Nicole Dykes slayed this story and carefully executed such a harrowing experience with grace and fortitude. Giving it a voice within fictional characters that far exceeded my expectations. The sheer force of Rhys and Blair’s connection was felt beyond the pages and kept me completely engrossed with everything they felt for each other. The tension was THICK, the connection was real, the heart of the story was palpable and the FEELS were imminent. I can’t stop thinking about this story. How a family was made within the broken pieces of two souls that had so much more to give than they even knew. How Ms Dykes was able to draw that out in full detail, having it land straight within my soul, is beyond me. She wrote a beautiful story of survival, love, friendship and loyalty that has also landed on my favorites of 2020 list. Harrowing, hard to read at times, redemption story of soulmates that didn’t realize they were destined to be a family and the journey it led them on…LOVED IT xo 

Written by: unrulygirl

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