Cole by Tijan

I don’t have to read a blurb to enter into a world that Tijan decides to create. I know I will be taken on a journey, with characters I fall in love with, and words that make me connect to these lives as if they are mine. So when I began reading Cole, color me surprised that I didn’t actually meet him until well into the story. Because of this, I had time to relate and really bond with Addison. The strength she was once known for is tested and after you know her story you realize the pain she recently endured is palpable, her friendship the one light in her very darkened world. So when said friend puts a thought into her head, a move seems inevitable and the life she once led gets turns on it’s ass.

One glance, Addison knows that this man she sees only momentarily oozes power, exudes strength and is a scary mofo. The air around him is tense, hard and she can’t seem to look away. While she seems taken by a simple passing by, he is taken immediately by her with one look. These two have an undeniable attraction that Tijan is so versed at not only creating but maintaining throughout the story. Having something worth losing makes people vulnerable, Addison might have the power to become Cole’s biggest weakness. Mafia, blood, violence, secrets, and so much more is played out in this easy to read journey that keeps you guessing, hoping and loving. Cole is a must read.

Written by: unrulygirl

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