Combative by Jay McLean

**Warning Love Fest Below**

This author could write about a paper salesman that falls in love with a version of himself in a frickin mirror and I would 5 star it! The words that she deems important enough to string together to make a sentence can slay, haunt, bring moisture out of your..eyes (come on people), make your heart grow and most of all connects you to a story as if you are so entangled in it, you can’t remember where reality ends and her imagination begins.

I was a little afraid to start this one, the hesitation Ms. McLean had in it made me think to myself “hmmm if she isn’t impressed maybe I should be gentle in my thoughts” WOW was she wrong! This story has it all, love, friendship, mystery, no you fucking didn’t, and small moments when you feel your heart beating so hard you take a moment to recoup and make sure you aren’t actually dying.

Ms. McLean is a favorite author for me, not only because of who she is, but how she thinks and shares those thoughts so genuinely it all blends together in a quagmire of beauty that literally blows my mind. Read this book..and if you have yet to read her others…read them ALL. You won’t be disappointed.

Note to Author: Write the next damn book..please and thank you! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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