Combust by K. Bromberg

I initially rated this book a 4 AND then I could not stop thinking about not only Grady but Dylan. Like a running loop in my head…so had to change it to a FIVE. lol This series has more than I expected. More damage, more depth, more feels than you would expect from the smoking ass cover. But it also goes to show what’s on the outside doesn’t always reflect what can be on the inside. Scars are sometime seen and other times so deeply embedded they are only felt and seen by someone that loves you more than your faults. This story pays tribute to that and more. I really loved being a part of not only these two falling in love with each other, but themselves as well.

K. Bromberg has done it again with Grady and Dylan. This story had depth, with a humor that comes with being comfortable and connected with each character, it was emotional and digs deeply into the guilt and remorse we can harbor from merely surviving. These two challenged each other to be all that could be by loving themselves and seeing each other through their lens. And I just LOVED Grady, the way he put Dylan’s ex in place, so hot! I can’t wait for the next brother to take the lead…they just keep getting better and better.

Written by: unrulygirl

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