Covertly Strong by N.A. Alcorn

 When you find an author that writes in a way that totally speaks to you as a reader, you not only become a fan, you relish in the fact that they can write something completely different and find it captures you just the same. Having fallen head over heels in love with first Ellen and then Amy in Ms. Alcorn’s first two books was easily done for me…the humor, the women’s strength and friendship, and the hot guy were an easy sale for this book whore.  So when I saw her new book Covertly Strong was coming…let’s just say begging began for an early copy.  Not even reading a blurb I went in strong knowing I would be able to connect with whatever story Ms. Alcorn was ready to deliver…and I DID!

My only slight hiccup came in the form of third person, but where I would gently set book down and move to another (not my favorite) I plowed and on and quickly forgot the out of POV comfort zone…I fell hard for both Nixon and his Meli from the get go…her strength and sassy-ness (best game of nerf war ever) made the connection for me solid and quick…and Nixon was completely swoon worthy and possessive of his girl from first glance…years, careers and pasts that took a different turn but inevitably intersect for my pleasure take place…but once those paths cross, the bond that was created and never forgotten is realized as what they hope is their forever!  Nothing comes easy for these two and this simple fact has you gripping the kindle until your knuckles are white…
“God, I need her. I fucking need her more than I’ve needed anyone or anything in my entire existence.”

Really enjoyed this story, and find myself still thinking on it weeks after reading it! Suspense, romance, strong female lead, first love and a hot soldier…check please!

Written by: unrulygirl

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