Crying Wolf by Rochelle Paige

Alphas, assholes and wolves oh my!  There is something about a shifter that speaks to my loins…that YOU ARE MINE, whether you like it or not! Not in a creepy asshole way but in a hot bodied alpha bad ass kind of way and Hunter embodied that for me!  
This is a quick read of girl gets away from an asshole, starts a new life on the run and meets her soul-mate on the journey.  You don’t need a lot of pages to say I’m done, new job, and hot ass new boyfriend that when you get pissed turns into a bad ass wolf that will tear shit up…and knows what to do in bed. THE END! 
Grace and Hunter knew what they wanted and dove head first into it…I enjoyed this and can’t wait for more! 

Written by: unrulygirl

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