Dark Destiny (Dark Brotherhood Book #4) by Bec Botefuhr

Dark Destiny (Dark Brother, #4)Dark Destiny by Bec Botefuhr
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I am speechless..and that never happens..this book blew me away..full review to follow..


Blown away..this book took my heart and squeezed the ever loving shit out of it and then slowly, painfully started releasing the squeeze and letting it take form again. My heart is now back to it’s beating self..while my mind has to figure out that this love story is really over and be okay with that..

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This book opens with a note from the author, in this you get an explanation of the reason behind there being a book four. When you end at book three it really does leave you thinking this is their HEA. Ms. Botefuhr decided to write this story one for her fans (thank you) and two for a more personal reason. From reading this personal insight it would seem she too was a victim of a deep dark depression and through the love of others and hard work, lived to see lightness again.. This personal observation meant a lot to me and set the pace for what I was getting myself into by reading this book. I can’t say enough about what the note meant to me and I am sure to many others who know what darkness looks like..

“Darkness, you never truly understand the full meaning of it until it consumes you. It’s just a word, it’s just a place you hope you never have to go. Once it takes you, it’s not something you can be freed of easily.” Jagger

At the end of Dark Endings all is open roads and happy thoughts but after real life slows and Jagger is hit with the facts of what he did. Life becomes as far from happy and easy as it could ever be. He is nothing, he feels nothing, he just exists. Willow has watched it happen from the sidelines, not wanting to push him too much, afraid the push will send him away from her forever. They don’t sleep in the same bed, they haven’t had sex in months..WAIT WTF?? yes months and not even his children bring him joy or even a smile. Willow has always been a fighter but she doesn’t know if she can fight the darkness that completely has enveloped him.

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A plan is hatched, a woman fights for the love of her life and still nothing. No life is left in the eyes of her beloved. Not ever wanting to quit on her soul mate and father of her children, Willow’s passion leads the brotherhood to find Jagger again! When she leads the brigade she has the stamina of a warrior but after every dead end and wall she hits..she starts to break piece by piece..watching Willow struggle to maintain was almost as hard or harder than the darkness that enveloped Jagger. Knowing that the love they felt was real, you are championing for her to invade the walls and bring back the REAL man behind the facade that is in front of her..

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“I’ll do whatever it takes. No matter what. I will fix us.” Willow

A visit from a face from Jagger’s past is what it takes to start his healing. But this is not a welcomed thing for Willow, in fact it is the opposite. As Jagger starts to see light..Willow is done! Done with fighting and done with competing with a past that she can’t change and can’t unsee. The past that they both share but that Jagger doesn’t want to taint Willow’s perception of him. It is a maze of misunderstandings and feelings that at some points seems won’t ever be won..

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This is the final chapter and the past is settled on when Jagger’s heart remembers why he loves his family more than his own life..I loved this series, loved the realness of the darkness that encompassed Jagger and the honest approach the author took to bring this journey to a full close. I look forward to the story of Ace..the friendship that he and Willow formed was a shining light in this dark story as well..

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