Dark Poison (Dark Brother #1) by Bec Botefuhr

Dark Passion (Dark Brother, #1)Dark Passion by Bec Botefuhr
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“I know what you’re doing and it won’t work. act tough, be brave and witty but let me tell you this; I WILL break you, little girl, because everyone has a weakness – even you.”

Did Jagger know that her weakness was going to be him, he was the beginning and end for Willow. Every bad experience and every great one was going to include Jagger. This is not a typical love story, thank goodness and it was one that takes you on a journey of “I love this man” to “he did what?” But never once was there a doubt that their feelings were raw and lustful. The need they had for each other was immediate and raw, even though the situations surrounding their beginning weren’t ideal.

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Forever questioning her sudden attraction and complete need for this man that had taken her from her home and family, Willow fought Jagger every step of the way. Jagger knew if he could just show her that what they shared was real and not just a figment in her mind, she would be his.

“I realize it’s the first time I’ve ever heard Jagger laugh, and worse, it’s a beautiful sound that has my heart clenching in ways it never has before.”

Jagger has lived a life of loss and heartache. Fighting for everything, while ending up with nothing. His Brotherhood being the only thing he can completely trust and call his own. You don’t get a lot of who his and why he is this way in this first story, you just know there is SO much more..

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“I can only promise you that I’ll give you every ounce of my heart and soul, and hope that it’s enough.” Jagger

And so I read on..and will continue this review with book 2.

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